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ASL Boards

Over 50 geomorphic boards and several non-geomorphic map sheets have been published over the past 25 years for Squad Leader and its successor, ASL. During this period there has also been a trend towards a slight increase in terrain complexity and also a large use of overlays, which first came in with GI: Anvil of Victory.

Deluxe ASL mapboards are also included here. These were designed to include fewer but larger hexes, firstly with a view to ease of stacking large numbers of counters (which can get a bit tricky on the normal sized boards in dense situations) and secondly with a view that players would be interested in using model AFV on the boards instead of counters. In the event the latter idea never really caught on and only two Deluxe modules were released, Streets of Fire and Hedgerow Hell, giving basically four urban boards and four country boards. They still appear in new scenarios, however.

The following is a guide to the contents of the boards, their origin and their current availability. Note that Operation Watchtower and Operation Veritable are not included here yet.

KEY: ABTF=A Bridge Too Far: AP#1=Action Pack 1: AP#2=Action Pack 2: BR:T=Blood Reef: Tarawa: BV=Beyond Valor: CDG=Croix de Guerre: CoB=Code of Bushido: CoD=Crescent of Doom: CoI=Cross of Iron: DB=Doomed Battalions: FKAC=For King and Country: GH=Gung Ho! GI=GI Anvil of Victory: HH=Hedgerow Hell: HL=Hollow Legions: HP=Hääkkää päälle! KGP1=Kampfgruppe Peiper 1: KGP2=Kampfgruppe Peiper 2: LH=Last Hurrah: P=Paratrooper: Pn=Partisan: PB=Pegasus Bridge: RB=Red Barricades: SL=Squad Leader: SoF=Streets of Fire: WA=West of Alamein: Y=Yanks

Acknowledgements to Histofig for use of their descriptions for 48-52 and the DASL maps and to the ASL FAQ list for certain information on board availability.
Board Number Description First appeared in Now available in
1 City: stone and wooden multi-hex buildings SL FKAC 
2 Level 3 hill mass SL P (2nd edition)
3 Largeish village, two Level 2 hills SL LH (2nd edition)
4 Flat rural terrain, few wooden buildings SL P (2nd edition) 
5 Wooded area with woods-road and gullies COI Separate
6 Rural area with orchards and chateau COD Separate 
7 Flat terrain with river running lengthways: a few ponds and marsh hexes, including islands COD  FKAC
8 River running through country that rises to high levels on both banks: number of multi-hex buildings GI  FKAC
9 Bare terrain rising to two Level 4 hexes and "monastry" on top of one: crags  Sold separately DB
10 Flat rural terrain with stone village at one end  Pn
11 Rural terrain with Level 1 plateau and few buildings  LH
12 Open country with gully and village of stone buildings including rowhouses  GI  FKAC
13 Flat land with streams and marsh and two elevated road sections  GI   
14 Rural terrain with sunken roads and airfield with runway hexes  GI   
15 Hill mass in open country rising to Level 4 hexes: small village  GI   
16 Crossroads, grainfields  
17 Village, brush, woods, grainfields, pond  Y  
18 Series of rolling Level 1 hills Y  
19 Open terrain with Orchard Road and few buildings around crossroad, woods on edge Y  
20 City: stone and wooden multi-hex buildings including rowhouses, gully BV 


21 City: stone and wooden multi-hex buildings: graveyard BV 


22 City: less densely situated buildings, stream BV 


23 More open city terrain, including "park" and canal  BV 


24 Valley with village: gullies and wooded terrain   P (2nd edition)
25 Desert hill terrain rising to Level 4 hexes: gullies, small village: can be used with Overlay E to create desert escarpment WA   
26 Desert terrain  WA   
27 Desert terrain  WA   
28 Desert terrain  WA   
29 Desert terrain  WA   
30 Desert terrain  HL  
31 Desert terrain  HL  
32 Densely wooded area divided by stream, small village P  
33 Open country with crossroads and orchard LH  
34 Densely wooded terrain with brush, streams, marsh and orchard, and a few huts COB  
35 Large grainfields and dense orchards: few huts, one Level 1 building COB  
36 Wooded hills rising to Levels 2 and 3, divided by 3 streams and marsh COB  
37 Woods, grainfields and orchards COB  
38 Unpaved airstrip in relatively open countryside GH  
39 Heavily wooded ridge GH  
40 Rolling countryside with narrow river CDG  
41 Village resting on and among small hills; stream CDG  
42 Village and woods AP#1  
43 Open countryside with grain fields, few buildings AP#1  
44 Open countryside DB  
45 City with some open spaces and one large stone building; rowhouses DB  
46 Village including Narrow Streets, AP#2  
47 Wooded valley, stream, hills, PTO-type terrain AP#2  
48 Village around crossroads AOO  
49 Urban transition, city outskirts AOO  
50 Wooded hills, stream AOO  
51 City, many stone buildings, steeples  AOO  
52 Woods, long woods-road HP  
RB Red Barricades: reproduction of the area of Stalingrad at the end of 1942 adjacent to the river (two pieces) RB BV
St1 Stoumont village, Belgium: terrain with high vistas, large village and large woods including pine (two pieces) KGP1  
St2 KGP1  
LG1 LaGleize village and surrounding countryside KGP2  
Ch1   KGP2  
Ch2   KGP2  
PB Orne River including Pegasus Bridge and the neighbouring villages of on June 6 1944 PB  
NG Nhpum Ga: dense jungle terrain with narrow valley and gully Annual 96  
  Island of Betio BR:T  
  Island of Betio BR:T  
  Arnhem ABTF  
DELUXE ASL Mapboards
a City: factory SoF Separate
b City: rowhouses  SoF Separate
c City: lumberyard  SoF Separate
d City: gully  SoF Separate
e Rural: Level 2 hill  HH Separate
f Rural: sunken road  HH Separate
g Rural: stream  HH Separate
h Rural: farm  HH Separate

Finally, ASL Starter Kit #1 includes 2 8x22" geomorphic maps, x and y.

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